Why You Need to Stop Suppressing Your Symptoms Right Now

Why You Need to Stop Suppressing Your Symptoms Right Now

Why You Need to Stop Suppressing Your Symptoms Right Now in North Hollywood CA

Through my studies I’ve learned that our bodies are highly intelligent machines created to self-heal. How else did we get this far?! When our bodies are unhealthy, we begin to present bothersome symptoms. Symptoms are actually our bodies’ way of getting rid of illness, how we react to these symptoms determines our health or dis-ease.

When we constantly suppress symptoms, our bodies’ cannot perform their intended jobs and functions. For example, when someone has a fever and takes meds in a rush to bring it down, they are not allowing the fever to do its job. Fevers are how our bodies’ fight infection. In fact, studies have shown that using aspirin or other types of fever reducers, will actually cause the infection to last 50% longer (Botes, 2011). Similarly, when we suffer a cold and take cold medication to decrease mucous, we are not allowing our body to perform the correct functions. Our body is trying to rid itself of infection (in this case via phlegm expulsion), and as we’ve been conditioned to do, we suppress the removal and keep the infection inside. On the other hand, a drug-free and side-effect-free adjustment will boost your immune system by 50%.

Don’t beat yourself up…you never knew! Most of us have been programmed with a simple idea of how to handle disease…we present symptoms of illness, we take medicine. We never thought to question this paradigm but that is changing.

Before finding my Chiropractic path, I held previous jobs as an art instructor to children and adults, well as a Teacher’s Aide in Early Education (Pre-school). I would see the children imitate adults by playing “house,” “restaurant,” and “doctor.” Time and time again, the child playing the “Doctor” would tell the child playing the patient that he or she was “sick.” Next the “Doctor” would immediately administer “medicine” or a “shot.” This depicts the extent that the medical industry’s methods of treating symptoms with meds, is bred into us from the youngest of ages. I had a 6 year old boy in my office last week who repeatedly asked me if he was going to get a shot…he seemed pretty concerned but I assured him he would not be getting any shots in our office. Just another example of how we typically view that medication is the answer in fighting disease.

What we should be teaching future generations is that having health is the best way to avoid disease and symptoms. Keeping our nervous system healthy, allows every function in our bodies to perform as intended, and our body is a self-healing machine. To gain and maintain our body’s peak potential we must take care of our nervous system. Our nervous system controls all our body’s functions and adjustments keep our nervous system in peak performance, ready to fight disease. Additionally, we want to eat real whole-foods (organic when possible), exercise and strengthen, get enough sleep, connect with loved ones, have fun, and meditate (clear your mind, relax, and reenergize); these are our best defenses against disease and symptoms.

Dr. Brian Pazera


Botes, S. (2011). Why fevers can actually be good for you. Natural News. http://www.naturalnews.com/031467_fevers_health.html#


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