Come On Get Happy…4 Things You Need To Do Today

Come On Get Happy…4 Things You Need To Do Today in Horth Hollywood!

Come On Get Happy…4 Things You Need To Do Today in North Hollywood CA

1) Keep Moving:
Moving keeps you active, healthy, and social. “An object in motion stays in motion,” and this law of Physics is absolutely true! I don’t know about the rest of you but I find myself to be an “all or nothing” type. What I mean by this, is that I find it easy to stay active when I am going, going, going…and tend to be lazier when I do not have much going on; this is the first law of Physics at work! By moving, we are ensuring our physical resilience. Having trouble moving? Chiropractic adjustments can help…we want to keep your body in motion.

2) Reach Out to Someone You Care About:
Staying connected to people who matter to us, is innately human and 100% healthy for our emotional well-being. Whether it is via text, phone call, face-to-face, or another of the many communication devices we have today, make sure you are connecting with someone you care about every day. Connecting is essential to our social resilience. New to town? Join local groups that are involved in subjects that interest you. For example, basketball, yoga, gyms, art classes, mom’s clubs, spiritual groups, or volunteer work. These are great ways to meet new friends!

3) Increase Your Willpower:
Increasing your willpower everyday has been shown to have a direct correlation on your mental resilience. While most of us will immediately think this means resisting that cookie or making it to the gym every day this week, increasing your willpower can be as simple as snapping your fingers exactly 50 times in a row or counting backwards from 100 by 6 (e.g. 100, 94, 88, 82, etc.).

4) Create 3 Positive Emotions for Every Negative Emotion:
Creating positive emotions for every negative emotion in the 3:1 ratio strengthens your emotional resilience. This 3:1 ratio allows you to improve your health, and gives you the ability to better handle obstacles that come your way. An easy way to create a positive emotion is to Google “baby animals.” Do this every day in the 3:1 ratio.

Come on get happy…

Source: Mc Gonigal, J. (2012). TEDTalks: Life Hack.


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