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Meet the Team

Chiropractor North Hollywood CA Brian Pazera

Chiropractor Brian Pazera D.C.

Dr. Brian Pazera specializes in Chiropractic Care & Education, Physiotherapy, and Rehabilitation for individuals of all ages. Dr. Pazera takes a holistic approach to your condition because he understands the mechanics of the body, and how it works as a whole to form optimal function or dysfunction.


Dr. Pazera uses specific techniques depending on each patient’s individual needs and comfort levels with Chiropractic adjustments. He has helped adults and children with various types of pain, spinal disc herniation, headaches, acid reflux, scoliosis, auto-immune disorders, and many other conditions. Dr. Pazera will listen to you, use safe and effective techniques (with a gentle hand), and is committed to restoring and maintaining your good-health.

Dr B’s Story…

Dr. Brian is a life-long resident of, and is currently serving the San Fernando Valley & Los Angeles areas. As a teenager, Dr. Brian was a skilled Kickboxer and fought in several local amateur fights, well as taught Kickboxing and Karate. After a bad car collision in his early twenties, Dr. Brian suffered injuries that prevented him from continuing with Kickboxing and Karate.

In an attempt to decrease his pain, Dr. Brian visited a Chiropractor and was immediately provided relief; he was able to continue Kickboxing and Karate and enjoy life once again. This led Dr. Brian to become more interested in the field of Chiropractic Care and he began to pursue his education as a Chiropractor.

Dr. Brian graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College, Los Angeles in 2012. As our patients will tell you, his extensive training in the nervous system, musculoskeletal disease (dis-ease), diagnosis, and chiropractic adjustments & techniques, has provided him much success in helping our patients find pain relief and meet their health goals.

Dr. Brian continues his education yearly, and has attended seminars on Pediatric Adjustive Technique, well as Neurology & Chiropractic. Dr. Brian employs a variety of Chiropractic techniques specific to each patient’s individual needs. Dr. Brian’s innate-caring personality, remarkable adjusting skills, and passion for his work, keep our patients coming back, healthier and happier every time! Out of the office, Dr. Brian enjoys spending time with his wife and two dogs, creating a variety of organic & original hot sauce recipes that’ll burn your @ss off (ask him, and he’ll always share :), doing archery, working on his beloved 1980, 280 zx, and actively educating the community.

Chiropractic North Hollywood CA Heather Chiropractic Assisstent

Heather - Chiropractic Assistant

Our Chiropractic Assistant Heather has been with us since the beginning. Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, Heather had an early experience with the benefits of chiropractic care after being involved in an auto accident at the age of 12.


This experience taught Heather how beneficial chiropractic care was to her healing and how important it is to get checked regularly for subluxations. Heather has attended and continues to attend chiropractic seminars in order to increase her knowledge of Chiropractic and to serve our patients better. She is happy to answer any inquiries you may have about chiropractic, insurance, scheduling appointments, or any other questions.


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Pazera Chiropractic:
Brian Pazera, DC
10449 Magnolia Boulevard
Suite A
North Hollywood, CA 91601
(818) 793-3783

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